NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath was in court in West Palm Beach, Florida on November 12 to defend his yellow lab, Leo, which has been accused of biting and causing personal injury to a home health care nurse who mistakenly drove onto the former New York Jets’ quarterback’s property.


According to Namath, he told the woman not to come onto his property, but she did not listen to him.


This is not the first time Namath’s dog has bitten someone. According to Animal Control officials, they have received four complaints of the dog attacking people on Namath’s property since 2007. A UPS man, a landscaper, a contractor, and the nurse have all been bitten by the dog.


Namath, 66, has no gate around his home, just an invisible fence.


Namath also has a second dog, a Weimaraner named Stella. Charges against that dog were dropped due to a witness failing to appear in court.


Leo has been declared dangerous by the judge, meaning that he is required to be muzzled and leashed, even on Namath’s property.


The dog is also required to have a microchip implanted and carry a special tag that designates him as a dangerous dog.


Namath is required to post signs on his property warning people of the dogs’ presence. If another incident of Leo biting someone is reported, he could be declared “vicious,” meaning he would be put down and Namath could face criminal charges.

Owners need to keep their dogs from causing mental, physical and financial damages of workers that are just doing their jobs! As i understand the UPS driver has had spinal injury and his fired him because of this incident. His life is changed forever! There are also reports that the health care worker was just lost, Namath could have called the dogs off-why didn't he? It appears from his inaction that Downtown Joe enjoys watching others get hurt. he should get a gate and fence.
by Ken Wall December 3, 2009 at 01:33 PM
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