Jetpack Injuries in North Carolina

jetpack injuriesJetpacks, relatively new popular recreational watercrafts, provide serious fun and serious risks. These devices are so new that North Carolina, and most other states, have no new laws addressing their use.

Jetpacks allow users to "fly" through a system that uses the force of water propulsion to send the wearer up to 30' in the air at speeds of 20-30MPH. Rides in the water-propelled flying gear are pricey since each jetpack costs about $100,000. Users frequently fall, but falling on water shouldn't be too dangerous, right? That's what most people believe, but it's not necessarily true. Falling on the water's surface at the wrong angle could cause spinal trauma, and if there is debris in the water--head trauma.

Potential Jetpack Injuries:

  • Spinal trauma
  • Head trauma
  • Ear and eye injuries (Some users have reported face-slamming the water's surface. Hitting the water on your ear could cause inner ear damage.)
  • Arm and leg sprains or fractures

Prudent jetpack rental companies are requiring their employees to complete extensive training. Aside from possible human error, how can jetpack accidents happen? Here is a video of a man in a jetpack accident, fortunately he was not injured. If the jetpack had gone out of control he could have easily collided with the dock, onlookers, or docked boats nearby.

Did you use a jetpack after signing a recreational waiver in North Carolina and then got injured? Our Raleigh injury lawyers can review with you how the North Carolina court system treats these types of waivers and explain your legal rights and entitlements in a jetpack accident.

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