Jet Ski Accident Help in North Carolina

Jet Ski accidents cause serious life-changing injuries and disfigurement. Last year’s Charlotte Jet Ski accident injured a woman so severely she was required to have a double mastectomy. A recent Lake Gaston Jet Ski accident killed Marcus Jeffrey, after reckless Jet Ski driver operating a separate watercraft, Dan Sanderlin, crashed into him.


Accident awareness sometimes only spreads when celebrities’ lives are affected. Natasha Richardson’s fatal concussion from a ski accident prompted many families to take the winter sport more seriously. In early July, Usher’s stepson was involved in a Jet Ski accident that left the 11-year-old boy brain dead. Although Usher’s stepson was not riding on a Jet Ski, he was injured by one. The boy was relaxing in an inner tube when he was hit in the head by a Jet Ski passing by.


Just like car accidents, Jet Ski accidents are caused for reasons ranging from intoxicated drivers to speeding. Here are a few top causes of Jet Ski accidents to help you prevent injuries at the beach or on a lake:

  • Inexperienced Jet Ski drivers. Movement on water can be awkward for first-time Jet Ski drivers. Spend time instructing new drivers and quizzing them on safety so that they know how to maintain proper steering control, safely navigate waves and wakes made by other watercraft, and avoiding dangerous shallow or high-traffic areas.
  • Speeding. High speeds mean less control. Without control, drivers are not able to avoid obstructions, have a higher chance of collisions and more severe injuries.
  • Drunk drivers on the water. Drunk jet ski drivers or intoxicated boaters may be extremely responsible watercraft operators when they’re sober, but when they’re under the influence of a substance their reckless behavior puts themselves and others at risk. Have designated jet ski drivers the same way you would have a designated driver on land.
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