Involuntary Hospital Discharge Leads to Death

The last thing on a patient’s mind when they’re in a hospital is that they will be forced to leave against their will. There are special federal and state laws that protect US citizens from being refused medical care.

Wrongful Death NC

Even with laws protecting hospital patients, a thirty-year-old North Carolina man from Harnett County was discharged against his will from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The patient, Adarrin Jonte Washington, died less than an hour after leaving the hospital while he was en route home.

North Carolina Medical Malpractice

Washington, who had been hospitalized for eight days before his discharge, was a cancer patient being treated for pneumonia. He allegedly cried and said he did not want to leave the hospital when medical care staff announced his discharge. When a patient refuses discharge, typically a doctor will re-assess their condition and may extend their stay or transfer the patient to an alternate facility where they can receive better care. Also, an involuntary discharge may be issued when a patient is a threat to the health and safety of staff and other patients.

Raleigh Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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