Invisible Paint Helps Cyclists Stay Seen at Night

North Carolina bicycle accidentAlthough marketed to bicycle riders, a new line of invisible spray paint would probably work well for pedestrians and motorcycle riders who are out at night. 

The new product started in the United Kingdom and is called Volvo Life Paint. It's manufactured by its brand name, car giant Volvo. Volvo Life Paint is applied through a spray applicator and it goes on and dries clear. During the day, the paint is virtually invisible. At night, the paint illuminates in headlights. Not a traditional 'glow-in-the-dark' material, this product acts in a reflective capacity.

To help increase the visibility of cyclists at night, manufacturers developed the product to:

  • Last for a week between applications.
  • Adhere to a variety of materials. Cyclists can apply to the bicycle, clothing, accessories, and more.
  • Wash off without altering the color of the surface it was applied to.


For bicyclists, the Triangle-area is booming with riding opportunities. From the many greenways, single-track riding at Crabtree, to street cycling groups that gather weekly in downtown Raleigh (like the Benelux Cycling Club) and Durham (Duke Cycling Team), cyclists share the roads with drivers in urban areas and small towns. Even though many parts of the Triangle, like Cary, consistently receive awards for being bicycle-friendly, North Carolina is one of the Top 10 Deadliest States for Bicyclists. Riders should do their part in helping minimize the risk of an accident. Even with the most prudent planning, another individual's negligence could cause serious injury or even death. If another driver caused your injuries while you were riding a bicycle, or if a loved one was involved in a cycling accident, you have rights under North Carolina law. 

North Carolina state laws addressing bicyclists are different than other states. Bicyclists in North Carolina are treated as vehicles. Understanding how this applies to an injury case might seem intimidating. Fortunately, our bicycle accident attorneys in Cary and Raleigh offer complimentary case reviews. We can answer your questions, help you understand legal protections and limitations, and explain how you could represent yourself in an injury case if you choose to do so.

Perhaps you were involved in an accident a year ago and didn't pursue damages. You might have recovered from your injuries and felt an injury claim was unnecessary. However, some injuries--especially those associated with head trauma--take time to develop. Our attorneys can explain how North Carolina's statute of limitations applies to your bicycle accident case.

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