An August 31 incident in which a pedestrian narrowly avoided personal injuries after being struck by a Fayetteville police officer’s patrol vehicle is now under an administrative investigation.


A police spokesman said that 39-year-old Fayetteville resident Kyle Payne was hit by a patrol car driven by 23-year-old Officer Jonathan Smith. At the time, Smith was turning left onto Grove Street from B Street. The incident took place shortly before 4 p.m.


Police say that at the same time, Payne was crossing Grove Street in the same direction. According to a witness, he was not initially in the crosswalk, but apparently realized he was not and tried to move into it.


The spokesman said that Payne said he believed Smith was going to go in front of him on Grove. Instead, Smith cut short behind the pedestrian. The spokesman said that Payne said he then jumped back onto the hood of the vehicle.


Only minor damage was inflicted to the vehicle.


According to a spokesman, Smith has been a member of the Fayetteville Police Department since November 2007. He will remain on patrol as the investigation is conducted.

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