According to The Economic Times, a woman in Chennai, India, named, S Shanthi, had to prove her deceased husband was skinny in order to obtain her death claim compensation from her husband's insurer. She has not been the only one to find herself to find herself in this situation. Several people in Chennai have had to prove their family members were skinny at their time of death in order for the insurance companies to accept their death claim.

B N Mishra, an ombudsman of Chennai and Bhubaneshwar claims Chennai has seen over 53% insurance disputes come from non-settlement of "individual mediclaim policies."

Gansher Iyer, Senior Vice President, Customer Value Management and Head of Underwriting and Claims for Kotak Life Insurance claims that people are not being denyed because they are fat. He states, "Just by being fat is no grounds for rejection."

A person can only be denied their claim if their death was caused by something not discussed at the time they purchased their policy. For example, if someone died from smoking, but did not claim to be a smoker when they purchased their insurance policy, their death claim would be denied.

Gansher explains that knowing about preexsisting conditions is vital when buying insurance. He says, "Being fat is in isolation is no grounds for dismissal. But the higher the BMI, the more chances are of increased heart risk, high blood pressure, etc. Unless a person was morbidly obese say for example above 100 kg --normally no insurer rejects anyone for being fat at the underwriting stage. Even if one were morbidly obese, the insurer can still underwrite, if they feel they can cover the risk."

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