Insurance Issues After Irene

WRAL reported that Washington and Dare County residents are filing claims of mistreatment with their insurance companies based on the service they're receiving since filing claims from hurricane Irene damage. In response to their complaints, North Carolina's insurance commissioner is touring areas damaged by Hurricane Irene.

NC Hurricane Insurance Claims

The NC insurance commissioner's office has been juggling an influx of complaints from people who are not satisfied with insurance adjusters and companies. Part of the commissioner's travels includes educating NC residents affected by Hurricane Irene about state and federal funding that's available for rebuilding and repairs. The counties damaged by Irene will soon have assistance sites available to them, which will help residents access new information about the insurance claims process.

Insurance Disputes and Fraud NC

Hurricane Irene victims should be vigilant and aware of insurance scammers. Opportunistic criminals often target hurricane victims by offering fraudulent repair services. NC homeowners should be cautious when choosing contractors to repair hurricane damage. Some contractors inflict damage to homes, which can be prosecuted as insurance fraud.

North Carolina Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Coastal Carolina homes and businesses experienced flood, wind and water damage from Hurricane Irene. The insurance claims process is long and confusing. If you or someone you know owns property that was hit by Irene, our insurance dispute attorneys can help expedite your claim process.

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