Insurance for Celebrities’ Bodies

Insurance policies are not just for cars, homes or health needs. While many North Carolina residents and business owners battle insurance disputes after hurricanes and tornadoes, celebrities retain policies for parts of their bodies. Body part insurance has been around for almost a hundred years. In most situations, body parts are covered under standard disability, dismemberment or accidental death insurance plans. Having body part insurance allows celebrities to supplement their standard coverage since a standard insurance policy would be exhausted attempting to cover the true potential value.


Musicians rely on their bodies to play instruments. Without use of their bodies, their livelihood is compromised. Guitarists like Jeff Beck can insure individual body parts, like their fingers. Beck’s fingers are insured for $1 million—each. Should he experience irreparable damage to his hands, he’ll be able to file a claim with his insurance policy.


Lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, also has an insurance policy protecting his hands. As one of the rockers behind one of the most famous bands of all time, Richards insured his hands for $1.6 million. If one of the musicians above lost their hand and didn’t have a special insurance policy for that body part, they will lose out on future income that their hands would have been responsible for earning.


Even Bruce Springsteen’s voice is insured for $6 million. However, body parts are also insurable for less auditory industries—like modeling. Not all models work in fashion. There are hand models, auto models and swimsuit models who rely on extraordinary physical features. Models who endorse specific products may rely on specific parts of their body to represent the product, like Heidi Klum’s stint as the spokesperson for a company’s shaving line. Klum’s legs were insured for over $2 million during her time endorsing a line of shaving products.

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