Insurance Claims Getting Denied

North Carolina consumers who pay for home, health, auto and other insurance policies expect that their coverage will be available when an accident or event occurs and they need to file a claim. When a tree falls on their house, their homeowners insurance should cover the repairs. When a family member needs their appendix removed, they assume their health coverage will cover the surgical costs. When they hit a deer their car insurance should pay for the property damage. Sometimes insurance companies deny claims.

When a NC resident faces a denied insurance claim they should be given a reason why the coverage wasn't applied. It's against the law for insurance companies not to pay reasonable claims within a practical amount of time unless they supply a valid reason. If an insurance company isn't following the law, they are operating in bad faith.

Insurance bad faith attorneys with Brent Adams & Associates work with people who aren't receiving the coverage insurance companies originally stated they would cover. Improper denials of insurance claims affect thousands of people. Insurance bad faith lawyers in NC help state residents with their denied claims.

NC insurance companies who break their word are also breaking the law. From offices in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville, Brent Adams & Associates' attorneys fight for people who have been wrongly denied. Because insurance policies are contracts, the insurance company is required to act in "good faith" to the policy holder. Delayed or no payments could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Insurance bad faith can happen to anyone with any type of policy. However, insurers are lawfully obligated to deny a claim if the policy holder has broken the contract, when the claim is not a coverable item or if the policy holder is committing fraud. If your insurance company is making a claim complicated and you're confused by their language, contact one of our NC insurance dispute attorneys to learn your rights.

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