Insulin Pumps Linked To Personal Injuries And Death In Teens By FDA Study

Tens of thousands of teenagers across the world use insulin pumps for the disabling condition of type 1 diabetes. However, according to a recent Food and Drug Administration study, there can be risks and many personal injuries and even deaths have been linked to the pumps.

According to what the FDA wrote, parents should vigilantly monitor their children’s use of the devices. However, the FDA didn’t advise against the use of the devices, but called for more study addressing safety concerns in teens and younger children who use the popular devices.

It was discovered by the federal review, that over a decade 13 deaths and over 1,500 injuries have been linked to the devices. In some cases, there was a malfunction in the device, but at others, teens were careless or took risks, according to the authors of the study.

According to the analysis, there were some teens who didn’t even know how to properly use the pumps, some teens that dropped them or didn’t take care of them, and even two cases of possible suicide attempts by teens giving themselves too much insulin.

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