Injury Claims for Bus Accidents in NC

Making a bus accident compensation claim in NC involves complicated traffic laws, extensive insurance paperwork and highly organized medical receipts and records. Injured bus passengers battle with the financial stress of medical treatment, which is often compounded with lost work and wages. Bus companies will fight hard to deny injury claims or offer settlement offers that are less than what victims are really entitled to.

Bus crash lawsuits are very different than car accident claims, train wreck cases or plane crash lawsuits. Buses often have limited safety restraints, negligent maintenance and poorly trained drivers. Officials have been trying to mandate seat belts on school buses, charter buses and public transport buses for decades. In addition to the insufficient safety restraint issues, buses that overturn in accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to passengers if the bus structure itself was built poorly or inadequately maintained.

Distracted bus drivers also cause crashes. A Johnston County school bus driven by Pamela Harper crashed recently after half the high school students on board distracted her from focusing on the road. Harper drove the bus into a ditch, which caused it to overturn.

What should a victim do after a bus crash? Seek immediate medical attention, collect evidence and talk with a bus accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Insurance companies have different ways of assessing bus accident claims and our bus crash lawyers will handle your case through the process.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a NC bus accident, Raleigh injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates will confidentially review their case for free. Contact our accident lawyers' offices at 800.849.5931 and schedule a complimentary consultation for your NC bus accident claim today.

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