Injured While Intoxicated by Employer-Supplied Alcohol

work injuries in north carolinaWhat if you are injured while intoxicated from alcohol that was supplied by your employer? Are you eligible for North Carolina workers' compensation? Our workers' comp lawyers in Raleigh explain:

Recently the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that an employee was entitled to compensation for her injuries that stemmed from intoxication from alcohol supplied by her employer. The employee was awarded temporary total disability benefits. 

The employee, a manager of a Texas auto dealership, was present for a business meeting that took place over several days in North Carolina where the employer's main center is located. The employer paid for the employee's hotel, dinner and drinks. When the employee left with colleagues to walk back to their hotel, she fell off an escalator. The thirty-foot fall caused multiple injuries, including cranial trauma. After the work trip was over, the injured worker's employment was terminated. She was able to find a job several months later that paid less.

The injured worker decided to pursue workers' compensation benefits. Although she did not sustain injuries as a result of or in the course of her employment, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that a traveling employee is within the course of employment when they are en route back to their employer-paid hotel. Our workers comp lawyers in Raleigh note that in North Carolina, a worker may be entitled to benefits for injuries caused by intoxication when employers provide alcohol. The North Carolina Court of Appeals held that she was entitled to TTD benefits.

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