Injured in Road Construction Zone

Road construction zones contribute to a higher risk of collisions. Congested traffic, detours, delays, distracted drivers not following construction zone traffic laws all increase the chances of an accident.
Brent Adams & Associates represents North Carolina accident victims and their families to obtain adequate compensation after a gruesome highway construction accident. Construction zone accident cases require numerous complicated laws and terms that our staff deal with on a regular basis.

Victims find themselves in construction zone accidents for a variety of reasons. Roads are typically in poor condition while they are being worked on. Debris, missing street lines, and fallen traffic cones are all hazards. Missing or inaccurate signage cause collisions. Large construction equipment and vehicles not only obstruct views, but may suddenly break into traffic without signaling. The size of the vehicles in relation to their speeds means even more risk for damage and injury when a standard vehicle is caught in an accident.

Construction deadlines sometimes require 24/7 work schedules, which mean drivers are fatigued behind the wheel. The impaired ability to operate complicated, large equipment increases the risk factor even more. Plus, construction equipment requires specialized maintenance. Although trucking companies have strict regulations about consistent inspections and maintenance practices, there are times when these policies fall through the cracks. Our Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville personal injury attorneys investigate potential vehicle defects like brakes or excessive loading, review maintenance logs to find where companies have made errors and prepare the best possible case in your favor. Brake accidents happen. Just recently a North Carolina woman, Joanne Harkey, was partially crushed by a dump truck and she is now in critical condition. Her daughter was driving the vehicle, a Buick.

When you're injured in a car accident it's essential to contact a personal injury attorney right away so that the investigation can begin quickly. Litigation hinges upon an investigation and adequate evidence. Ask for a consultation with our team of North Carolina personal injury lawyers.

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