Income Not Counted for Supplemental Security Income in Raleigh

Talking to a disability attorney in Raleigh can help you better understand the requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and if you qualify. One qualification is that you must have limited income, which applies to your earnings and other sources where payments or cash is available. 

However, not everything is counted as income when determining SSI eligibility. The following may not be counted towards your income: 

  • first $20 of income each month;
  • first $65 of earnings each month;
  • one-half of earnings over $65 each month;
  • certain expenses (other than food and shelter) that someone else pays for you;
  • food stamps;
  • grants or scholarships;
  • income tax refunds;
  • home energy assistance; and
  • impairment-related work expenses. 

These are just some examples of income that may not be counted. What is counted are: 

  • the rest of the wages you earn;
  • food or shelter that you don’t pay for;
  • certain disability benefits;
  • pensions; and
  • income earned by a spouse or parents may also be counted. 


For a full understanding of how limited income is determined when it comes to figuring SSI requirements, seek help from an attorney as soon as possible.  

Contacting a Disability Attorney in Raleigh 

Speaking with a lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates can help you learn if you qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Call to schedule your free consultation with a disability attorney in Raleigh – 800-849-5931 or 910-892-8177.

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