In a Forklift Accident in North Carolina?

forklift accidentsWhen it comes to forklift accidents in North Carolina, there may be several areas of liability. Forklift hazards are many, which is why the United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires special training for workers. Proper forklift training includes formal discussions, computer simulations, videos, written work, demos, and an evaluation. Recently, a fatal forklift accident in Sanford, NC at a metal company has become the center of an OSHA investigation. Until the inspectors confirm the cause of the accident, many variables may affect how a workers' comp death benefits case develops:

  • Are workers' forklift training up-to-date?
  • Are forklifts properly and routinely maintained?
  • Is sufficient safety equipment provided?
  • Was the forklift being operated by an employee over the age of 18 who is certified?
  • Are forklifts being overloaded and causing an imbalance?
  • Is there proper visible signage at loading dock areas to prevent falls?

If a forklift accident is fatal, workers' comp death benefits in North Carolina may help surviving family members adjust to the financial loss they face without their loved one. Just like any claim associated with an injury, there is a statute of limitations. Make sure you review your case with a workers' comp lawyer who has experience representing injured workers in North Carolina.

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