With a month of unusually harsh, cold, and snowy weather in North Carolina, the North Carolina State Patrol has reported an increased number of car accidents across the state due to icy and slick road conditions. The NC State Police also said that even more accidents probably took place during the bad weather, with many people involved in minor accidents, fender-benders, and single-vehicle accidents foregoing a call to police.

Richmond County in particular saw a large number of vehicle accidents near the beginning of February:

- On Highway 47 in Richmond County, 30-year-old Santana Monique Johnson wrecked her car as she crossed an icy bridge. Her car hit the bridge’s guardrail before running off of the road. The driver and five other people in the car were transported to Sandhills Regional Medical Center.

- On Highway 74 in Richmond County, 79-year-old William Marsdon Benton was involved in an icy crash that ended with minor injuries for the man.
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