I Was Misdiagnosed: How to Prove Medical Malpractice in NC

If you discover your doctor misdiagnosed your condition or illness and you’ve been suffering in pain, lost money on unnecessary procedures, or missed an opportunity for effective treatment because of your doctor’s carelessness, you need to pursue a medical malpractice claim.


Every year millions of Americans are treated for illnesses that they don’t have. Significant time is lost, with some patients losing months or years without receiving treatment for the medical condition that’s truly ailing them. 1 in 5 medical diagnoses are inaccurate, according to a New York Times article.


Proving medical malpractice in North Carolina is a long process, and patients who are victims to malpractice don’t normally have time on their side. Working with a NC medical malpractice attorney at Brent Adams & Associates helps malpractice victims expedite their claim process. Some of the documentation needed for a NC medical malpractice case is:


  • Initial medical records from when symptoms first started. 
  • Reports from ongoing treatment and physician recommendations.
  • Medical records that show a patient-physician relationship existed with the physician that is being sued.
  • Expert medical malpractice opinion letters. These will show that the doctor in question was not practicing competently and that his or her negligence caused you harm.


Medical malpractice complaints and forms are sensitive documents. Malpractice claims can be made for misdiagnoses, delayed diagnoses and surgical errors. Malpractice victims also need to consider NC statutes of limitations; victims may not be able to recover damages for a misdiagnosis if a certain amount of time has passed. Consulting with a NC medical malpractice attorneys will clear up confusion and start the claim process in the most organized and efficient way possible.

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