Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims NC

Hurricane Irene was the latest storm to cause damage to coastal North Carolina. Evacuations orders were issued from the Currituck Banks to Bogue Banks. Flooding and high winds caused tremendous water and wind damage to homes, businesses and motor vehicles up and down the coast. Over 1,000 properties were completely destroyed, while injuries and at least seven deaths were reported due to the hurricane conditions. Plus, roads and bridges were damaged.

Cost of Hurricane Irene Damages

President Obama recently announced that a disaster declaration was approved for several NC counties. Reports estimate approximately $70 million in damages, not including repairs, was caused by Hurricane Irene. Some property owners are having a difficult time with insurance policies as they navigate the process of having their claims paid. Insurance disputes prevent homeowners and business owners from moving along with necessary repairs and rebuilding their homes and livelihoods. Insurance dispute attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help individuals and families who are having disputes with their insurance companies because of hurricane damage in NC.

Hurricane Claims in NC

Victims of Irene who are residents of the Obama-approved NC counties are able to apply for low-interest loans or grants to cover home repairs, medical fees, lost wages and other uninsured losses. Insurance companies are responsible for meeting the obligations outlined in property owners' insurance policies.

NC Insurance Claims Attorneys

If you or someone you know believes they are not receiving the appropriate payout from an insurance company, one of our insurance dispute lawyers can help. Surviving a hurricane is a traumatic experience, receiving just compensation from your insurance company shouldn't be a more difficult process. Our insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville have three decades of experience defending the rights of North Carolina residents who have suffered a loss, injury or damage. Having a lawyer from Brent Adams & Associates representing your insurance dispute means you'll have someone who is familiar with the complex state and federal laws that affect insurance companies.

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