How to Protect Yourself From Flesh-Eating Diseases

Injury attorneys in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates created a list of ways to protect yourself from flesh-eating diseases after a woman in Spring Lake, NC died from one caused by bacteria.


The Spring Lake woman, Phyllis Mason, only started experiencing symptoms a few days before her death. Brent Adams & Associates’ Raleigh personal injury attorneys represent victims the families of victims who suffer injuries or diseases caused by a negligent party. In Mason’s case, she was exposed to the flesh-eating bacteria during her recovery from surgery. According to recent reports, she wasn’t necessarily exposed to the bacteria by negligent medical staff or inadequate care, but was introduced to the bacteria by what experts believe was chance through an open bed sore that developed on her back from sitting so long during her recovery.


Sadly, while it was almost impossible to predict that Mason would contract such a rare bacterium, there are ways to prevent exposure. The type of fatal infection she experienced is not normally a concern for everyday people, but since cases of flesh-eating bacteria are growing, with victims in NC, SC and GA in 2012, be especially vigilant of your loved ones if they’re recovering from surgeries. Perfectly healthy people are susceptible to infections as well. Here are a few tips recommended by Raleigh personal injury attorneys for everyone to follow:

  • Throw away used tissues to remove bacteria from your environment
  • Stay away from anyone with a sore throat
  • Wash your hands often
  • Learn proper would care treatments

Keep in mind you are more susceptible to flesh-eating bacteria infections if you:

  • Are recovering from a rash
  • Have a poor immune system
  • Have diabetes
  • Are using steroids
  • Are being treated for cancer
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