Preparing Your Dog for the Fourth of July

There is no doubt fireworks are not a dog’s best friend. Dogs have a greater sensitivity to noise than humans. With this being the weekend of July 4th, try and prepare your dog for loud fireworks.

fireworksThe best way to protect your dog from the intense noise fireworks produce is by keeping your dog inside of your home. Do not take your dog with you to see fireworks. The noise could scare them, which might lead to unexpected aggressive behavior. This could potentially put you and the people around you in danger of a dog attack.

Another way to help your dog avoid being fearful of fireworks is to condition them so they become accustomed to the harsh sounds of fireworks. Visit YouTube for recordings of loud noises (trains, thunder, etc.). This can help desensitize pets. Leave the recordings on while you do normal things around the house. Seeing you relaxed and acting calm while hearing those noises can help ease the animal into responding well to loud noises. Work with lower volumes initially before moving to louder settings. Try distracting your dog during loud noises by giving him or her treats. 

If your dog is truly horrified of fireworks, veterinarians might be able to prescribe medications to help ease the animal's comfort and responses. Sedatives such as melatonin, benzodiazepines, or a drug called Sileo, may help ease your dog during loud fireworks. Sileo is the first FDA-approved drug to treat noise aversion, but you should always speak to a veterinarian before you medicate your dog.

Ask your local pet supply store about a dog clothing line that is designed to help comfort and calm dogs down during thunderstorms and other events with loud noises.

Not only could the noise of explosions prompt your pet to run away and be injured by a car or cause injury to someone else, the fireworks themselves could cause harm. Fireworks can injure dogs if they get too close. The ashes could singe their fur. Even from far away if they become too afraid, they may try to run away, hurting themselves in the process. 

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