Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle, and when a natural disaster occurs, you want to make sure your insurance company is treating you fairly. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your claim is not denied:

Don't Delay

As soon as disaster strikes, act quickly. File a claim as soon as you can. Insurance adjusters usually come 24-48 hours after the report to examine your damage. You should also have a third party contractor get an estimate of your total losses. Then, your provider will determine your total amount of losses.

Your insurance company will find a contractor to help you with repairs, but you can use your own contractor. If you plan to use your own contractor, make sure the contractor and adjuster can meet so they can determine your damages. If the contractor finds more problems with your home than the adjuster, your insurer may provide more compensation.

Keep a Record of Your Possesions

This sounds tedious, but many insurance companies have apps you can use to keep an inventory of your items. When damages are incurred, your provider will ask you about what you have lost. For example, how many shoes you've lost might be something your insurer wants to know.

Keep pictures of things in your drawers and keep receipts of your most valuable items. If it is possible, have your insurance agent visit your home so they can see for themselves what you own, and they are aware of your losses. This will show them that you have reached your policy limits.

Know Your Plan

It is important to read the fine print. Know the extent of your policy. Some policies may pay for rent and food while you are without a home. You might be paid more in rent and living expenses than for the damages incurred on your home.

Review your policy, and ask your agent about what is or isn't covered. Then, ask how you can find coverage for the things not covered in your plan. Flood insurance is not included in homeowner's insurance. If you don't have flood insurance, but you would like to view your options, click here.

These simple steps will make a difference when you file a homeowner's insurance claim. Don't delay in filing, and be prepared.

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