Dealing with an insurance company is hard. Every step you take after a car accident is crucial in getting your claim covered. Here are some tips on how to make sure your insurance claim does not get denied:

Collect Evidence

As soon as it is safe, you should take pictures of the scene. Take pictures of your car, the other person's car, the surroundings, and their insurance card as well as their license. Keep a notebook in your car and take notes and get any witnesses contact information. Do not admit to being at fault. 

Pick the Right Body Shop

Most insurance companies have preferred body shops they want you to use. These body shops work well with adjusters, and it will help speed up the claims process. Claims become more complicated when more cars are involved. They usually take sixty days or less according to Jana Foster, an independent insurance company owner. If your car is totaled in the accident and your insurer decides to pay you the total cash value of your car, ask how they came up with the number. If you believe the number is too low, find cars like your's in a similar condition before your collision and show your provider the pricies. Your insurer will either pay you that amount, not including the deductible, or pay the financing company.

The process called "subrogation" is when the insurance company determines who is at fault. This process could take ten days to a year. Sometimes your deductible will not be paid to you for a year.

You Can and Should Fight Back

Kiplinger explains that if an insurance company is not offering you a fair price for repair costs, you should have a mechanic to give you an estimated price for the damages. If there is an "appraisal clause" in your policy, you can have a third party examine the damages incurred on your vehicle. After the examination, the third party and the insurance company will settle on an amount.

One way to avoid dealing with a difficult insurance company is by checking provider's complaint records. You can click here to view several insurer's complaint records.

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