Complaints Against Doctors in North Carolina

physician complaintsIndividuals who were injured or acquired a secondary infection or illness due to the wrongdoing of a hospital or doctor usually take time once the negligence is suspected to research the allegedly at-fault medical provider. In cases that involve a doctor's error, patients might start searching online medical forums or asking friends and family if there are other patients who experienced an inadequate standard of care from the same doctor. Evidence in any injury claim is important. Locating a history of disciplinary actions brought against a physician can help show that a doctor might not have made a single error, but exhibits a specific pattern of behavior that causes harm to others. Evidence helps out-of-court negotiations as well as cases that move to jury trial.

How should patients who suspect their doctor is guilty of wrongdoing find past complaints? When searching for complaints against doctors in North Carolina, individuals have several resources to tap:

  1. North Carolina Medical Board. Each year the NCMB releases an annual report detailing the nature of complaints and investigations. As of this writing, the most recent report is for 2014 and shows that the top reason public action is taken against a physician is due to incompetence. The NCMB maintains a posting of recent board actions as well as an archive, which can help individuals identify doctors with complaints.
  2. Federation of State Medical Boards. The FSMB provides DocInfo, a public database of disciplinary reports taken on physicians.
  3. Health insurance. Check with your health insurance provider to see if they maintain a database of physician complaints.


If you intend to work with a North Carolina medical malpractice attorney, you will not need to independently gather evidence other than providing your own medical reports. Our malpractice attorneys use resources in addition to the ones noted above when preparing a claim. Medical expert testimony, analysts, and other individuals might be called upon to provide statements regarding your medical treatments and health. 




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