How to Drive Safe With a Baby

A Vance car accident killed an infant in a summer head-on collision. The NC car accident was caused by Ira Evans, who crossed into oncoming traffic late at night and struck a car carrying Derrick Burchette and Jaleah Griffin, his 18-month-old daughter. The collision was so strong it flipped Burchette’s vehicle and trapped his daughter in the child safety seat. She was not able to survive from the car accident injuries.


Although Burchette was following the law and had his baby daughter in an appropriate child car seat, the seats are not meant for accident prevention, they are only meant to reduce the impact of injuries sustained from a crash. Driving safe with babies and small children requires special protection and attention. Here are a few more tips to drive safely with a baby or younger kids:


  • Small children usually have DVD players or small digital devices to keep them occupied on car trips. Make sure the sound levels aren’t distracting to your driving.
  • Remove detachable objects. Toys, mirrors or shades that attach to windows with suction cups can become dangerous projectiles in an accident. The same goes for car seat accessories that clip on and dangle from handles.
  • Choose and position the right child safety seat. Babies must be fastened in a rear-facing child safety seat until they weight 35 lbs. Infant child seats should be on a 45-degree angle, move no more than one inch from either side, and the harness straps need to stay at or a below the infant’s shoulders.
  • Don’t drive when your baby is hungry or thirsty. Not only will this be uncomfortable for your child,b but they will probably cry and distract you from concentrating on driving.
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