How Substantial Gainful Activity Impacts Dunn Business Owners

Social Security disability attorneys in Dunn know that applying for disability benefits can feel overwhelming. There are many requirements that must be met, with various rules that apply pertaining to your medical condition and ability to work. 

One of the requirements is that you must not be engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA). In other words, you cannot be earning more than $1,010 per month for the year 2012. However, if you are a business owner, this may not be a fair assessment. Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates this a little differently. 

You may be considered to be engaging in SGA if the services you provide result in a substantial income. There are specific guidelines that apply to the level of your services and the income you earn. 

You could also be considered to be engaging in SGA if the work you perform is valued at $1,010 or more, or if it is enough that it prevents you from having to pay an employee to do it. 

With several rules that apply to substantial gainful activity, you may benefit from seeking legal counsel to learn how it may impact your eligibility for disability benefits.  

Contacting Social Security Disability Attorneys in Dunn 

Speaking with a Social Security disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers can help you learn if you qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Call to schedule your free consultation – 1-800-849-5931 or 910-892-8177.

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