Hope Mills Accident Injures Pedestrian

An unidentified man was running in Hope Mills in early July when a car hit him around dawn. The accident didn’t turn into another hit-and-run in the Raleigh news headlines, instead the driver stayed at the scene of the accident until help arrived.


Car Accidents in Fayetteville


The pedestrian accident took place on Rockfish Road. This happened just a few weeks after an unrelated motorcycle accident in Cumberland County took the life of another Hope Mills man and seriously injured his wife who was riding with him as a passenger.


NC Pedestrian Accidents


Victims of NC pedestrian accidents and motorcycle crashes are more vulnerable to injuries than passengers of traditional vehicles. Without the frame of a vehicle absorbing some impact from the collision, accident injuries are often more severe if not fatal. Pedestrians have no protection at all from car crashes, so head, neck and spinal trauma can cause permanent life-changing injuries. For motorcyclists, although helmets do help prevent cranial damage, their bodies are often exposed to the impact, creating the potential for broken ribs, back, and organ damage and internal bleeding.


Pedestrian Safety


If you need to walk on a road that doesn’t have sidewalks, always walk on the side of the road where you will face oncoming traffic. The Hope Mills accident above that injured the runner took place just after five in the morning. Dawn and dusk are the most dangerous times for drivers. Visibility is difficult. The injured runner was wearing black shorts and a grey or green T-shirt— poor clothing choices for an early morning run on a road. Pedestrians should avoid these times altogether, if possible, and wear appropriate reflective clothing to make yourself easily spotted by drivers on the road.

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