Holiday Safe Driving Tips in NC

Every year Erwin, North Carolina, known as the “Denim Capital of the World,” hosts a Christmas Parade and Winter Wonderland Festivities. The holiday event includes floats, marching bands, music, a visit from Santa and a tree lighting.

Parking Lot Injuries NC

Hundreds of families attend Erwin’s Christmas Parade. Cullen Reese Parker, a three-year-old boy, was hit by a car in a parking lot when he and his family were leaving the Erwin Christmas Parade. Parker was transferred to Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital that night for treatment of his car accident injuries. The driver of the vehicle that struck the boy was twenty-one-year-old restaurant employee, Lauren Turner. Parker died from his injuries at the hospital before he could be airlifted to another healthcare center for more effective treatment. Charges have not been filed yet as of this writing; however we wanted to share some safe driving tips to keep in mind around the holidays.

Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays

  • Drive slower in parking lots. Holiday shopping draws crowds of financially stressed shoppers, makes NC highways more crowded and prone to accidents and families are traveling. More children are out, and since the holidays are during daylight savings, it gets darker earlier. It is more difficult to see small children. Be extra vigilant in parking lots to avoid an accident.
    Be late. Be flexible. Roads are more congested around the holidays and it takes longer than usual to travel. According to the Department of Transportation, speeding is the number one cause of accidents. Leave early to avoid peak traffic and try and make special arrangements around inclement weather. It’s better to be late than to cause an accident that could result in serious injuries or death to yourself or other drivers.

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