Although children are the most likely age group to be attacked by an aggressive dog, seniors are also at risk for suffering serious injury during a NC dog bite incident. This was certainly the case in Henry County this week, when an elderly woman was severely bitten by a dog.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office reported that a 78-year-old woman was attacked by a dangerous dog at around 6:30 pm on Monday, March 8. When authorities and EMS arrived at the house on Hobson Road in Henry County, responders found that the elderly woman had suffered serious dog bite wounds to her arm, leg, cheek, and forehead. She was transported to a local NC hospital for treatment.

The owner of the dog was at the scene of the North Carolina dog bite incident and turned over their aggressive pet to Henry County Animal Control in the wake of the dog attack. Animal Control will observe the dog during a ten-day quarantine before further action will be taken.
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