Help With Insurance Claims After Hurricane Sandy

North Carolina insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates help tornado and hurricane victims fight for the compensation outlined in their insurance policies. When insurance companies provide inadequate coverage, fail to respond in a reasonable amount of time, or repeatedly deny claims that should be covered as the insured’s policy states, insurance dispute attorneys use their legal expertise to win cases for innocent clients who are taken advantage of by their policy carriers.

North Carolina’s insurance disputes go up after major hurricanes like Irene and Sandy. Flooding and fallen trees affect homes and businesses, leaving many families and pets with no shelter and business owners losing revenue.

Preparing for Hurricane Damage Claims

How do insurance companies prepare for hurricane damage claims? North Carolina insurance dispute attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates never represent insurance companies, but our skilled team of attorneys know how they work. Just as homeowners prepare for hurricanes by boarding windows and tying down outdoor furniture, insurance companies make their own preparations. One of the first things insurance companies do is move claims teams and additional adjusters to targeted areas before storms hit. If weather systems threaten insurance company customer service centers, the companies transfer calls to alternate locations around the country.

With all of the preparations, insurance companies make to ready themselves for the surge of damage claims after Hurricane Sandy, there is no excuse for an insurance company to not return a policy holder’s call or respond to a claim submission in a reasonable amount of time. Consult with an insurance dispute attorney to expedite your claims process and learn more about insurance dispute legislation from Consumer Affairs.

To learn about federal and state programs for North Carolina Hurricane Sandy victims, visit:

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