Helmets for Skiing and Snowboarding

ski injuriesIt is not breaking news that wearing a helmet helps prevent head trauma and brain injuries. However, our Raleigh injury lawyers were happy to learn that a healthy trend is growing among those who ski and snowboard. Helmets for skiing and snowboarding have not always been "popular" - but now those who wear helmets while on the slopes are in the majority. More than half of skiiers and snowboarders now wear helmets. The numbers go up for those under the age of 17: 80% of these young skiiers and snowboarders wear helmets. This is a testament to the benefits of helmet use, especially since there currently are no laws mandating helmet use for winter sports.

Consumers should be careful and research their helmet purchase. Several recalls have affected motorcycle riders whose helmets have been recalled. There is always a possiblitiy that a manufacturer could distribute a defective product, so make an educated purchase and follow our Raleigh injury lawyers on Facebook to learn about the latest recalls.

Helmets for winter sports are no longer a standard run-of-the-mill piece of safety gear. Those who ski and snowboard today have the luxury of choosing colors and designs reflective of their personalities with gear that's been designed for comfort and venthilation. There are also helmet options that include speaker hookup and Bluetooth connectivity - allowing users to enjoy music while on the slopes, keep in touch with others, or phone for help in case of an emergency.

Researchers found 20% of all skiing-related accidents caused head injuries that could have been prevented by using a helmet. Fortunately, the popularity of helmets continues to grow, even amid arguments that helmets were causing people to take more risks on the slopes and made them believe they were immune from injury. Fortunately, Johns Hopkins released a study in late 2012 that showed helmets did not increase risky behavior.

Although one does not automatically associate ski injuries with North Carolina, there are many popular ski resorts in Western NC. Additionally, skiiers and snowboarders who live in North Carolina may be injured while on vacation skiing in Virginia, West Virginia, or other surrounding areas. What happens when a ski injury occurs outside of the state you reside? Our Raleigh injury lawyers can help explain laws in multiple states no matter where you live in North Carolina.

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