Helmets are Not Just for Bicyclists, Motorcycles and Horse Riders

brain injury lawyers in raleighBrain injury lawyers in Raleigh help accident victims who have suffered head trauma that, in some cases, could have been prevented if a helmet was being worn. Most people associate helmets with riding a bicycle, motorcycle or a horse, but there are many other activities where a helmet is a great safety choice.

Our brain injury lawyers in Raleigh recently wrote about the benefits of using helmets for skiing and snowboarding. If you are a fan of winter outdoor activities, wear a helmet while snowmobiling. 

North Carolina has dozens of fantastic rock climbing areas. From Chimney Rock to Pilot Mountain, people travel across the state and from out-of-state just to climb in North Carolina. In addition to standard safety gear like a harness, carbiners, and ropes that are all in top condition, include a helmet. Without a helmet, rock climbers are vulnerable to brain injuries should other safety gear fail. 

Other activities where helmets help prevent brain injuries: Sports. Sports injuries are commonly associated with school sports. High school football brain injuries were only going up last year. School accident liability requires a knowledge of special insurance and premises liability regulations, both of which our brain injury lawyers in Raleigh have experience handling. Besides football, what are other sports where players can wear helmets? Lacrosse, ice hockey, baseball, and softball to name a few.

Deciding to wear a helmet is a great prevention method, but helmets don't prevent all brain injuries. A helmet may save someone from what would have been a fatal accident otherwise, but the injured person may survive with injuries that will change the rest of their life. In these instances, our brain injury lawyers in Raleigh help victims receive compensation. Sometimes persons with traumatic brain injuries require live-in aid for day-to-day activities, others may no longer be able to work, or they may not be able to return to the level of work they had been in prior to their injury. If someone suffered a traumatic brain injury due to another party's negligence, have them call 1.877.BRENT.ADAMS for a free case evaluation.


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