Hazards at Nursing Homes

America’s elderly population keeps growing, many North Carolina families with aging relatives need nursing homes that are safe and offer top care. Over 22 million homes are responsible for elderly family members, according to new reports from AARP.


Some North Carolina nursing homes have made headlines due to dangerous living conditions and negligent staff. Finding a safe nursing home in NC doesn’t have to be an ordeal, but understanding the top hazards at nursing homes and how to spot them before admitting your loved one can keep your family member out of harm’s way.


Top Nursing Home Dangers:


  • Prescription errors
  • Infestations
  • Bed sores
  • Fires – A Raleigh nursing home fire in 2011 was caused by an employee’s cigarette at Elmcroft of Northridge.
  • Dehydration/malnutrition


Senior citizens have the right to respect and dignity, whether they are being cared for in a nursing home or by a home care provider. Nursing home neglect can cause stress, pain, and in some situations, death. Residents in nursing homes must rely on the expertise of the staff caring for them.


Long term care facilities should be able to provide a history of continued training for staff, routine cleaning procedures, organized medical charts, and a clean record with the Department of Health.

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