Harnett County Teen Injured When His Dirt Bike Hit By Car

A teenager from Harnett County suffered personal injuries when his dirt bike collided with a car on June 16 when he apparently turned in front of the car near Mamers, according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

According to Highway Patrol Sgt. Vince Terry, 17-year-old Robert Gidron was struck as he turned right on his dirt bike onto Old U.S. 421 from Thomas Dickens Road.

The driver of the car, Lela McLean, said she saw Gidron look “right into (her) eyes” before the impact. She says she attempted to stop but knew it was too late.

Terry said that Gidron was conscious and able to talk to him after the collision and was able to give his name and address. Gidron was transported to Central Carolina Hospital in Sanford.

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