Risks to Teens on Halloween

halloween injuriesIndividuals of any age can find fun in Halloween. Many adults have memories of trick-or-treating as children, and kids look forward to gathering a bounty of candy. However, strolling from house-to-house trick-or-treating makes individuals vulnerable to pedestrian-car accidents, and many young children could be allergic to ingredients in popular candy. Teenagers enjoy both worlds--and they have to manage the same risks as described, plus more:

  1. Tricked treats. Teenagers might be invited to Halloween parties where the treats (drinks and food) could be laced with drugs. Teens should only accept food and drink from trusted persons, opt for items in sealed containers that they can witness the package being opened, and avoid suspicious treats altogether. (Children are also at risk. Reports surface every year of young children receiving poisoned candy.)
  2. Prank injuries. Many individuals pull pranks on Halloween, like egging houses, vehicles, and people. What if the teenager is driving when eggs are thrown at their car? As an inexperienced driver, it could cause them to lose control of their vehicle and hit pedestrians. A teen--and individuals of any age--who have eggs thrown directly at them could suffer eye injuries. Optical injuries are often complicated, require special treatment, and could permanently impact one's vision.
  3. Night driving. Teens are four times more likely to be killed in car accident at night than during the day. At the following link, our Cary car accident lawyers explain more about managing dangers and keeping teen drivers safe when driving at night. Halloween night is generally a bustling time--drivers need to be more alert. Teen drivers in particular have far less experience driving at night and with distractions. Many children's costumes are dark and could be hard to see at night. To help keep teens safe and prevent them from hurting others, parents might impose a stricter curfew or arrange alternate transportation.


Help make Halloween for teens a safe day. If an accident occurs, contact our Cary and Raleigh injury lawyers. Our legal team can review your case at no charge. During our evaluations we explain liability and provide all options available to you so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Call our firm or fill out a case evaluation form.

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