A woman from Greensboro who suffered personal injuries in an attack by a pit bull was bitten 10 times, according to her mother.


Police said officers responded to a report at an apartment on Hilltop Road in Greensboro on the evening of March 28 and discovered 24-year-old Melissa Browning in her apartment.


According to an EMS dispatch tape obtained by TV station WXII, Browning told an EMS worker that she felt both of her hands break during the attack.


Browning received transport to Moses Cone Hospital, where she is employed as a nurse, to undergo treatment. According to her mother, Teresa Browning, she underwent a surgical procedure on her arm on the morning of March 29 and would remain in the hospital for at least seven days.


Police said the dog was located outside Browning's home and captured by Animal Control officers. It is being held until rabies tests are concluded.


Teresa Browning said her daughter had previously cared for the animal, which belongs to one of her friends.

10 times Ouch! I can only imagine the pain.I wonder what happened to the pit bull to behave as such.
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