On November 9, 68-year-old Yvonne Kirkland had no idea her routine walk from her home to the post office would end with her suffering personal injuries. On her way to the post office, she encountered three dogs on the loose and was bitten several times by a 100-pount Rottweiler.


The dog attack resulted in Kirkland being hospitalized for two days.


Kirkland says she saw the dogs approach her, but there was nothing she could do because they knocked her to the ground. She suffered deep bite wounds to her right leg in the attack.


The dogs’ owner was finally able to pull them away from Kirkland and turned them over to Animal Control and Protective Services.


Two of the dogs could possibly be put up for adoption, but the dog that bit Kirkland will be euthanized, according to Animal Control Chief Schott Trebatoski.

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