Good Samaritans: What to Do If You Witness a Car Accident in NC

If you witness a car accident in North Carolina you might try to help the victims. Does NC have a Good Samaritan Law? Some states offer no legislation to protect Good Samaritans should they cause injury to someone while offering free emergency assistance or first aid care.

In NC, there is a special statute that says: “Any person who renders first aid or emergency assistance at the scene of a motor vehicle crash cannot be liable in civil action for their acts or omissions unless there was wanton conduct or intentional wrongdoing.” Additionally, another statute offers protection so that anyone who attempts “to save a life shall be immune from civil liability unless the person was grossly negligent or intentionally engaged in wrongdoing when rendering the treatment.”

Brent Adams & Associates’ Raleigh car accident attorneys help injured car crash victims receive the compensation they deserve when they are hurt due to another person’s wrongdoing. Providing aid to an accident victim is done out of good will, but the situation can become complicated if the helpful individual is not a medical professional or emergency response technician. What can you do to help if you have no medical training? 

  • If you’re driving, turn on your hazard lights and pull entirely off the road a few hundred feet from the crash so that your vehicle doesn’t get hit by traffic.
  • Call 911. You need to provide the nearest intersection so emergency response can arrive quickly. 
  • Unless the victim is in a burning vehicle, leave them in the same position so that emergency crews can safely move them.
  • Encourage or help victims move away from the road and the accident until police arrive and instruct otherwise.
  • If your phone is capable, take photos of the accident and enter all accident victims’ contact information. Email the images to the victims and police officials. Record video as well if possible. Recording helps establish weather, traffic patterns, road conditions and can also record other witnesses’ statements.
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