Golf Cart Death in NC’s Harnett County

A security cable struck Katie Sessions, a golf cart passenger, in the neck and flung her from the cart in late June. Sessions died at the scene. The cart driver, Linden man Joseph Johnson, drove the cart to get help and was taken to a hospital in Dunn for medical treatment of his accident injuries.


The steel cable was placed on the Harnett County property as a security measure more than ten years prior to the golf cart accident near Fort Bragg and was separating a tobacco field from pine trees on the pathway that Johnson and Sessions were driving on.


Most golf carts lack important and simple safety equipment, like seat belts. Even though they don’t travel at speeds as high as cars, golf cart safety is still important. NC accident injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates compiled a list of advice to help make your golf cart experiences safer. The family of the deceased young lady may want to think about a claim against the property owner who placed the cable across the pathway thereby creating a hazardous condition. From all accounts, it appears the property owner should be liable for creating this hazard without proper signage and warnings to the public.


Golf Cart Safety Tips:


  1. Operate golf carts in approved areas. According to local news reports, the fatal Harnett County golf accident above that killed Sessions took place on private property and not a golf course.
  2. Make sure the brake is locked when leaving the golf cart.
  3. Enter and exit golf carts only when they’re at a complete standstill. The slow speeds of golf carts don’t make them exempt from injuring passengers and pedestrians.
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