Girl Files Suit Over Injury on School Property

A high school graduate filed a personal injury suit against her school alleging that she was injured during a game of freeze tag. 


According to the former student, she alleges that while playing freeze tag during cheerleading practice in the school’s courtyard she was pushed into a commercial lawn mower. Court documents show the girl sustained “severe bodily injuries.” In addition to the school, the student who pushed her was also named as a defendant. The girl is seeking unspecified damages.


When accidents occur on school grounds, students and their parents or guardians often have questions about liability. Accidents on school property in North Carolina and in other states often involve written accident or incident reports. Did the accident occur during school hours or at a school-supported activity? Who was the supervising adult at the time? In the accident described above, it appears the victim was at cheerleading practice, a school event, and it is unclear whether or not the game of freeze tag was part of practice or an outside activity. The documents show that the girl was hurt by a nearby lawn mower--was it being operated by appropriate staff at the time, were they too close to the students, or was it negligently left there unattended?


Many areas of liability could be addressed in this type of a case. Evidence, medical records, and witness statements are important in this type of injury case. If you're curious about how to move forward with an injury claim that's related to a school accident, meet with one of our injury attorneys for a no-cost consultation. Call 877-BRENT-ADAMS or complete the case evaluation request form for a spot on our calendar.

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