A recall has been reissued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for approximately 1,700 gel candles manufactured by M&A Global Technologies Inc. after reports of additional personal injuries.

The recall for the candles was issued by the CPSC due to the potential of the flames to be too high, which creates a burn hazard.

M&A, doing business as Spa at Home, received reports of flames that were higher than normal in addition to flames that led to minor fires, smoke and soot damage, in addition to one reported burn injury.

The models of Everlasting Jelly candles being recalled include: a champagne glass with a heart inside (model number 502), an oval bowl with sand and shells inside (model 109-XL), a tumbler with sand and shells inside (model 101-S), a round holder with scalloped top and red roses inside (model 506) a round holder with penguins inside (model 8-5-11), and a round holder with two butterflies inside (model 806-8).

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