It's no doubt that electric cars are becoming more popular. Energy saving cars will continue to take the road by storm, but Rebecca Lindland, the executive analyst of Kelley Blue Book believes gas-powered cars aren't going anywhere. 

"The idea that we are moving completely away from internal combustion is completely exaggerated."

Lindland notes that more efforts will be made to create cars that are better for the environment, but eliminating gas-powered engines completely is nearly impossible.

The reason, CNN reports, is "profitability." Investing in Tesla may be worth more than General Motors and Ford, but there is no annual profit yet. Companies that sell traditional motor vehicles are annually making billions of dollars. No one has made a profit selling electric-only motor vehicles. Only recently has anyone released a competing electric car. The Chevrolet Bolt is the competing electric car to Tesla.

Even though the electric cars have slowly decreased in price due to competition, gas powered vehicles are becoming more efficient. Not only that, they are more affordable. No one believes they will be completely eliminated from the market. 

Ron Cogan, the editor/publisher of Green Car Journal tells CNN, "I don't expect internal combustion to go away anytime soon. It keeps getting better and better and better."


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