Foxconn Injured Worker: Where’s Compensation?

Financial and physical struggles await injured workers whose workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina are denied. NC workers’ comp claims can still be approved through an appeal and by providing additional evidence with the help of a Raleigh workers’ comp lawyer. However, outside of the US, injured workers face a much different legal system:


A Taiwanese factory worker in his twenties, Zhang Tingzhen, who works for Apple’s largest manufacturer, Foxconn, suffered a brain injury at work. Tingzhen has been hospitalized since the injury and struggles with speech and basic walking. His employer has been covering the cost of his medical bills, however they are threatening to stop payment and requested Tingzhen be discharged from the hospital. This is because labor laws in China require a specific process: discharge from a hospital followed by an assessment for disability at an alternate location. However, the young factory worker is at risk for further injury if he leaves the hospital.


This situation is drawing attention to how other parts of the world treat injured workers. In North Carolina, injured workers must have their injuries assessed by medical professionals and documented in medical records. Then, in order to start a valid workers’ comp process in NC, the accident needs to be reported in writing to management, and a Form 18 needs to be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

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