gun accident injuriesAccording to police, an angry 4-year-old boy shot his 18-year-old babysitter with a gun he had taken from a closet in his home.


Nathan Beavers babysat the young boy in January. According to statements made to officials, the boy was angry with Beavers because Beavers accidentally stepped on the boy's foot. Other teenagers and children were present at the time. The boy took a shotgun from a closet inside the home and shot Beavers in the arm and side. Another teenager present was also injured by gun shots. 


As of this writing, the young child was not charged. This particular accident did not take place in our state, but for cases that involve minors who access guns in North Carolina - how does one determine liability in an accident? The minors are often too young to be charged as an adult and not yet mentally developed to fully understand law, consequences, and responsbile gun ownership, and not yet physically developed to operate a gun properly.


Liability in gun accidents involving minors may fall on multiple parties. Under some circumstances, the supervising adult--babysitter, caregiver, or parent--may have failed to supervise the child adequately. The owner of the gun may be liable if they did not properly lock and secure firearms. Read more about this gun accident case that resulted in child neglect in Fayetteville due to negligent parental care. A gun safe manufacturer or other product maker may be liable if the product was used correctly and failed to secure firearms as a result of a defect or faulty design. Depending on the events of the incident, other parties may be negligent and our Raleigh injury lawyers can explain liability in your case during an in-depth free case review. Contact our lawyers to review your accident case.

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