Sanford Wreck Shows Danger of Rear-seat Injuries

rear seat injuriesA Sanford, North Carolina car accident injured a mother and her three adult children after the mother's SUV collided with a tractor-trailer. The family was traveling south when their vehicle hit the rear-end of a tractor-trailer as it pulled out of a parking lot.

Tractor-trailer accidents in North Carolina are usually fatal. It's understandable that a driver or passenger in a standard vehicle would experience a much greater degree of injury when you take into account the speed of such a large vehicle carrying heavy materials compared to a typical passenger car. 

Eduarda Pleitez-de Bonilla, a passenger in the back seat, was partially thrown through the windshield. She suffered life threatening injuries and was air-lifted to UNC Hospital. Rear-seat passenger injuries may be quite severe. Although front-seat passengers and the driver face the risk of a broken windshield causing cuts, and potential air bag injuries, passengers in the rear seat may:

  1. Experience spinal trauma. Depending on the type of accident, if the vehicle is long and swerves or spins upon collision, the force exerted may be greatest for the rear-seat occupants.
  2. Head trauma. Studies show that rear-seat passengers are less likely to wear their seat belts. This creates the risk of a passenger being ejected from the vehicle. Unrestrained passengers who are not thrown from the vehicle may still hit other objects or people in the car and develop a brain injury as a result.
  3. Cause other passenger injury or death. The US National Library of Medicine found that rear-seat passengers who fail to wear their seat belt increase the risk of fatally injuring the front-seat driver and passenger by 28%.

Even with these risks, studies show that the safest place for a child to ride in a vehicle is in the middle of the rear seat. No vehicle or person is immune to the affects of a car collision. Although injury prevention methods are discussed above, none are fail-proof. Our North Carolina car accident lawyers understand this and that's why our lawyers have worked for decades representing innocent people in their injury claims to help win them the compensation they deserve.

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