Four Texas men have filed an asbestos lawsuit against Chevron and Gulf Oil on the behalf of their deceased father, alleging that the personal injuries through the mesothelioma with which he was diagnosed were wrongfully caused.

On December 22, Kyle, Dan, Ted, And Mark Bergeron filed suit in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court claiming that on October 31, Gliese Bergeron died of mesothelioma.

According to the plaintiffs, their father was an employed at Chevron and Gulf Oil as a pipefitter, operator, truck driver, insulator, and maintenance planner in 1942 and from 1946 until 1983. They say the defendants should have anticipated Bergeron’s foreseeable exposure.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Chevron and Gulf Oil for failure to test the air in order to determine the concentrations of asbestos fibers at the work site and failure to warn workers of asbestos’ safety and health hazards.

The suit also claims negligence on the part of the defendants for failure to implement appropriate safeguards for workers’ protection, failure to conduct adequate industrial hygiene monitoring, failure to properly train, educate, and instruct workers on the health hazards of asbestos, and failure to provide and recommend the use of personal protective equipment for workers’ protection.

The suit additionally claims that both defendants were negligent for failure to implement and recommend engineering controls to eliminate the exposure of workers to asbestos, failure to allow and prohibit improper handling of asbestos fibers, failure to provide a safe workplace, and failure to timely develop and enforce an occupational medicine program in order to monitor asbestos exposure.

The Bergerons seek unspecified damages.

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