Twenty-two-year-old Raleigh native Ally Baker, a former rising tennis star, is filing suit against shoe maker Adidas, claiming that the shoes the company provided her led to the personal injury to her left foot that ended her career.

According to a Raleigh attorney who is representing Adidas, the company is willing to look into potential liabilities in court, but the shoes being the cause of the injury has not been established.

Baker began receiving apparel from Adidas as one of the top-ranked juniors in the country. The potential she showed drew the company’s attention.

In 2002, as a 16-year-old, Baker reached the third round of the Wimbledon juniors tournament. As her career continued, she began experiencing pain in her left foot, though nothing showed up in MRIs.

Baker underwent a surgical procedure in 2004 and struggled to walk for a year and even now, continues to be unable to run due to the damage. According to her attorney, they are filing suit for negligence because Adidas failed to properly size the shoes for her feet.

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