Former NC Mayor Dies in Car Crash

A Gaston, NC car crash ended a police chase as well as the lives of two innocent people, including the former mayor of Belmont, Kevin Loftin.

NC Car Crash

A man known only as “Norman,” the driver of a black Acura SUV, failed to stop his vehicle at a police checkpoint. Norman almost hit two police officers in his efforts to avoid the scene. Norman proceeded to run a red light, reach speeds over 75 MPH, hit the side of a car and rear-ended former Mayor Kevin Loftin’s vehicle, causing the fatal NC car crash.

Negligent Driver

The collision was so intense it pushed Loftin’s car into a tree and killed Loftin and his only passenger, his long-time friend, Donna Deitz. Reports make no mention of Loftin violating any traffic laws. Loftin’s death and the death of his passenger were completely caused by the negligent actions of Norman, whose erratic driving and attempts to escape police officials was because of Norman’s self-described need to “stay out of prison.”

NC Car Accident Attorneys

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