Former NC Assisted Living Owner Guilty of Fraud

Nursing home abuse and neglect in North Carolina nursing homes and assisted living centers can range from prescription errors and bed sores caused by staff members’ negligent care, to abuse with less physical signs like financial abuse.


A chain of assisted living centers in North Carolina used to be owned by Michael Elliott, who pleaded guilty to several tax offenses. Elliott operated a company in North Carolina called Careamerica, which was the entity behind the series of assisted living centers that were the center of a tax investigation. Elliott’s position as Careamerica’s CFO required him to ensure that employee taxes were paid, however the investigation uncovered employment tax liabilities exceeding $4 million. During the years where Elliott failed to pay Careamerica’s employment taxes, he also filed falsified forms with the IRS.


According to the Department of Justice, Elliott was also involved in healthcare business transaction that earned him over $1 million that he deposited in a bank account under an alternate name.


Senior financial abuse in North Carolina affects hundreds of innocent elderly assisted living and nursing home residents. If you suspect your aging relative or friend is the victim of financial abuse, they have rights. Seniors in assisted living centers are protected by the Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights. One of these rights is the ability to manage one’s own personal finances. Whenever the safety or financial stability of a senior is compromised by a negligent or corrupt party, contact a NC nursing home abuse lawyer to explain how these laws protect your loved ones and to file a claim to receive compensation for losses associated with the financial abuse.

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