Even world leaders are not safe from personal injuries caused by dog attacks.

Jacques Chirac, the former president of France, had to be rushed to the hospital for the personal injuries he sustained when he was mauled by his pet poodle, which is being treated for depression, in a dramatic incident that rattled his wife.

Sumo, the couple’s white Malteese poodle, has a history of frenzied fits and had become increasingly prone to “vicious, unprovoked attacks,” despite treatment with anti-depressants, according to Bernadette Chirac, the former president’s wife.

The 74-year-old wife of the former president would not say where her husband was bitten, but did say that the dog attacked him “for no apparent reason.”

She said that Chirac is expected to make a full recovery within weeks.

Chirac received transport to a hospital in Paris, treated, then released.

The 76-year-old was president of France for 12 years until 2007.

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